Thursday, April 26, 2012

We didn't invent color change... we perfected it!

For Immediate Release:
Tarzana, CA… SolarActive® International didn’t invent the color change…we perfected it! SolarActive® International has been producing color change items for over 25 years now. The basic technology has been around for more than 50 years, but no one knew what to do with it. Four colors were available, and that was it. Products were tested for years that would change colors, but the problem was they would never change back again as the colors would lock, or would turn brown on the shelf. The color change effect wasn’t good enough to enter the market, as they were a one shot deal where it might have changed once, but never again.
SolarActive® International is the leading manufacturer of color change productsworldwide. SolarActive® supplies materials for producing items such as tee shirts and other apparel, shoes, toys, nail polish, UV awareness bracelets and more. All SolarActive® color changing technology is tested over and over again for longevity and safety. We pride ourselves on that consistent WOW color change effect. Don’t be fooled by imitations and purchase a product that when you get home will totally disappoint you. So many customers contact SolarActive® asking for us to send them our inks to paint on the tee shirts they purchased while on vacation since they didn’t change colors when they got home. SolarActive® surprises us over and over again with consistent, durable, machine washable products. SolarActive® products are not only tested for the color change effect to consistently happen, but the SolarActive® products are tested and improved for safety within the boundaries of consumer use. All SolarActive® color change materials are made in the U.S.A. “ We have strict guidelines with regard to the color change chemistry says Debra Mattes (President and developer of the SolarActive® technology) which is why we are the approved vendors for companies such as Nike, Mattel, MGA, Hanesbrand, etc. Our products go through rigorous testing procedures to be passed for consumer use. We are proud of the technology we have perfected! After so many years of new safety standards, our products only get better and better. For more information on SolarActive International’s color change products visit their website at . They can be contacted at 818 996 8690.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Letter From One of Our Customers

A thank you to SolarActive® International!
SolarActive® color change products are amazing! We recently purchased some SolarActive color changing products for party favors for my daughters birthday party. SolarActive® International custom made tee shirts for all the guests, including the adults. I have to tell you, everyone was so excited with the party favors. They couldn’t wait to change into their new shirts with the cutest design that changed colors. SolarActive® shoe laces were part of the goody bag too, and each guest changed their laces BEFORE they went home!
SolarActive® products shared smiles and laughter over and over again for the party. I would certainly recommend them for party favors, and plan to use them again. They met our deadline, and kept us informed with the production sequence. What a great experience, and the best part is that the items are so unique that the party goers are still talking about it!
Thank you SolarActive for making my daughter’s day so special.

Emily Hodge from Akron Ohion

Monday, April 2, 2012

SolarActive® Color changing Tee Shirt Heat Press Transfers

For Immediate Release:

Using heat transfers is a simple and efficient method of decorating a tee shirt, tote bag, aprons, etc. The process is perfect for smaller runs of a specific design, or when you, need a design for a specific event. Many times, screen printers don't realize they can create their own heat transfers instead of buying them. SolarActive® International the leading manufacturer of color changing technology has perfected the SolarActive® color change inks for use in heat transfers. Not only do we offer environmentally safe inks that meet all safety CPSIA standards, we also now offer 4 color process color changing inks that allow the deepest penetration of colors ever seen before. SolarActive® Color change inks are easy to use, and perfect for transfers, and or spot print designs.
There are many advantages and uses for screen printed transfers instead of printing direct onto garments.
Event Printing — Instead of preprinting hundreds of shirts, simply print transfer sheets. Heat press machines are relatively inexpensive. You’ll be able to print efficiently with minimal set up, and change your designs easier instead of being stuck with a design that is outdated.
Applying the Transfer
It’s easy to apply a SolarActive® color change screen printed transfer. Using your heat press, set the temperature to 330˚F. Place the transfer sheet on the garment. Press down and apply heavy pressure as you stamp the transfer onto the garment. Typically, it takes about 10 – 12 seconds for the design to adhere. Peel off the transfer paper immediately from the garment, and the tee shirt is ready to wear. It’s that easy!
SolarActive® International has supplied color changing inks to the largest apparel manufacturers worldwide. All SolarActive® color changing inks are safety tested and approved, and completely machine washable too! If you want the best, inquire from SolarActive® International the leading manufacturers of color changing technology. All you do is step outside, winter, spring, summer or fall. SolarActive® color change tee shirts continue to delight in every season.
SolarActive® offers over 26 Environmentally approved color change inks, and 4 color process inks. Inquire now and enjoy the surprise expressions from your customers. Why settle for one color, when you can easily use SolarActive® color change inks and in essence have two tee shirts for the price of one! PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. 818 996 8690.