Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Color Change Products

What is Color Change? How do products change color in the sun?

Color change is many things. It can be where you are changing the color of something you’re wearing, or changing the color of your hair, or wearing a color change tee shirt screen printed with SolarActive® color change inks.

Color change products are a staple of Solar Active®. The process to make something color change has been refined by SolarActive® to be the best and strongest colors that appear when exposed to the UV rays of the sun.

Photochromics are the science of causing items to change color when exposed to the ultra violet light. SolarActive® has created a proprietary system that stabilized the photochromic dyes, allowing for manufacturing in many different types of products and for various applications.. The SolarActive® color change systems are the basis as to why the color change product has the ability to change color in the first place, as well as the process happening repeatedly over periods of time. Without stabilization the color change will lock in, meaning it will change only one time. It will not fade back or change color again. When using the SolarActive® color change systems the products manufactured have the ability to last longer when exposed to the sunlight. The color change technology developed by SolarActive® has opened creative doors that have stimulated the idea of color change products.

SolarActive® not only manufactures the processes to make products change colors in the sun, they also teach manufacturers how to use such products, creating new ideas for companies looking for an edge.

“Why buy a tee shirt that doesn’t do anything, when the tee shirt will change color when exposed to the UV rays of the sun, and not cost more to purchase it?”, says Debra Mattes, President and developer of color change technology at Solar®Active International. “We’ve been making products change color in the sun for over 25 years now, meeting all the new safety and environmental requirements. Solar Active colors are stronger and more vibrant that ever when they change color. The color change range is far beyond even our own expectations.”

SolarActive® has a broad range of products that change color in the sun from tee shirts, SolarActive® heat press transfers, fabrics, plastics of all kinds such as PP, PE, PVC, Styrene, and K Resin. SolarActive® licenses raw materials for manufacturing and produces goods made in the USA. On many occasions, SolarActive® will advise companies that want to incorporate the SolarActive®color change systems in their own line of goods. “We’ve made our color change processes user friendly , and easy for manufacturers to incorporate in their own products. I’ve taught manufacturers all over the world how to use our technology, still keeping our products Proprietary/ trade secret.”

SolarActive’s® ink applications and resin formulas have been incorporated into finished goods such as apparel, footwear, nail lacquer, toys, paper goods, and plastics. Color changing thread products such a embroidery, knitting, crocheting and hand crafting are sold worldwide.

For more information on manufacturing products with the SolarActive® color change systems, contact

SolarActive® International. http://www.solaractiveintl.com

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Color Change Beads

SolarActive® Color Change Beads.


SolarActive Color Change Products

SolarActive thread division is for sale | What is SolarActive thread?

SolarActive® International is a company that offers technology that makes everything change color in the sun!  SolarActive® has many divisions within the company consisting of properties for plastics, threads, nail polish, screen print inks, sprays and coatings that all change color in the sunlight.

After 25 years in business the Solar Active®  thread division is winding down its thread property and closing.  Solar Active® thread is used in embroidery thread, and yarns that color change immediately when sun activated by the uv rays.  In an instant what was one color becomes another..  The process is unique and is stabilized so the magic continues to repeat itself over and over again. The SolarActive® filaments have been manufactured in various deniers to make socks, embroidery thread, crochet thread, and fabrics for various products.  SolarActive® threads are polypropylene based and when making fabrics can be woven with all types of other fabrics.  Shoe laces, fancy  lace by the yard and lace appliques have been best sellers from SolarActive® year after year.  SolarActive® thread starter packs (T200) have 7 colors in one pack and they are 200 yards per cone in a plastic container.  Starter packs have been sold to schools for educational projects for years, and continue to be a favorite that will be sorely missed.

Another denier that has been made with SolarActive® threads has been craft threads, a favorite for teachers and students to make creative craft projects.  Some of the jewelry made with the yarns like beautiful earrings and hand woven bracelets offering a unique effect with the sun activated idea.
SolarActive® thread is currently available in 14 basic colors.  White thread turns to yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, red, pink, and magenta.  There are also color to color combinations as well that start one color and change to another color.  The SP400 pack is four basic colors that are color to color combos.  Pink that changes to dark pink, yellow changes to orange, blue to purple, and peach to wine.  There are many other color combinations that can be produced as well.  SolarActive® offers green to purple, twists with metallic and so many more combos to make an exciting thread line.
If you have any interest in purchasing SolarActive® Color change technology for the division of thread, please visit the website for information.  

You can also contact SolarActive® International at 818 996-8690.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Color Change Products (clothes, nail polish, bracelets, beads, etc) by SolarActive

Color change this year adds a new dimension to what color is.  Color this year is bright and bold.  Color change this year adds a new dimension to what color is.  SolarActive® color change is great for uv awareness products, and at the same time the color change will bring smiles to your family and friends.  When they notice the color change, it becomes a tool for teaching everyone that there are UV rays present.  If the color change is not showing that must mean its night time, or you're not exposed to the harmful rays of the sun.  Sun Awareness with color change is becoming more and more prevalent with our younger society. SolarActive® offers many products that are great educational tools for sun awareness.

Have some fun with color change with your beauty routines, and clothing.  Ruby Wing color change nail polish will teach uv awareness each and every day just by stepping outdoors.  Ruby Wing is 32 beautiful bold bright colors of polish that are one color indoors, and change color as soon as you step outdoors.  Color Change clothes will not only delight you when you see the magic, it will bring a smile to everyone around you.

For corporate and family events and basically for your event to be remembered long after the event is over, giveaways can easily include color change products from SolarActive®.  Shoe laces, uv beads, sun awareness bracelets, clothes that change colors, and nail polish are just a few of the color change products available.  Custom clothes and tee shirts with SolarActive® technology is perfect for those occasions when you want something new and that will bring a smile and attention to what you're wearing.

For more information on SolarActive®color change products, Ruby Wing nail polish and Uv beads, clothing and more,
Contact http://www.solaractiveintl.com.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Everyday Makeovers! Manicure Pedicures are so much fun!

Makeover your nails, or your eyes, makeover your hair, or your wardrobe.  There is never an item or part of you that can’t be willing to do a makeover and add some new excitement in your life.

Beauty is only skin deep so they say, but a makeover shows the beauty and can be something that makes a woman feel special.

If your polish colors have been drab and you wear colors of nail polish that are neutrals, not bold and stick to the same clothes colors,  you can’t appreciate your inner beauty and fun side.

Change it up is our motto here at SolarActive® International.  I have a girlfriend that for years, only wore white tips, white and black clothing, and never changed her hair or her beauty style.  I can’t tell you how fun it is to take someone that is a one color type person and change it up a bit.

We started with her nails.  No way would she ever wear a color on her nails, until one day, I tricked her with Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polish.  Oh, she wore her normal blah beauty color indoors, with no excitement or creativity, until the day I asked her to wear our newest Ruby Wing color Sunflower.

It was her normal white when she was indoors, so I just let her think it would stay that way.   We finished with our manicure and pedicure and decided we would go close for lunch.  So, we walked outside and went down the block to the restaurant.  When we went outside her manicure and pedicure was a Sunflower color!  She gasped of course, and we laughed hysterically, and in the end she realized all the fun she was missing by not trying something new.  Manicures and Pedicures with Ruby Wing™ color change nail polish will bring smiles and laughter to everyone.

Completely DBP, formaldehyde, and toluene free, Ruby Wing™ color change nail polish is something that everyone should try.  Laugh to your hearts content, and I assure you once you change your color, you will continue to experiment.  My Friend now looks forward to each and every manicure and pedicure and the colors I will bring her to try from the Ruby Wing™ color change nail polish line.

For more information: http://www.solaractiveintl.com where everything changes color in the sun!

818 996 8690