Wednesday, July 10, 2013

All New Color change heat transfer designs with SolarActive Screen print ink

Sneak peak at the newest color change heat transfer designs printed with SolarActive® color change screen print ink.   Clothes that change colors are more fun when printed with SolarActive® color change inks. All new designs will be available August 1, 2013.

SolarActive® has redefined the tee shirt and clothes business by using SolarActive® color change inks for heat transfers.  Many of our customers that are overseas prefer to print with heat transfers since they don’t have the additional shipping costs of tee shirts when using heat transfers.  Customers can print as they need the heat transfers instead of holding stock of different apparel, and can press the heat transfer as necessary.  SolarActive® color change UV heat transfers are easy to press.  Heat transfers work the same way that heat transfers work without the color change effect.   The difference is that indoors the clothes will have a black and white design, and then when introduced to the rays of the sun the UV heat transfer will explode into vibrant colors filling in the design with SolarActive® screen print inks. Screen print inks from SolarActive® are available for manufactures to print tee shirts, and heat transfers that change color in the sunlight. Sun Activated uv heat transfers use a proprietary ink base that allows the printed item to change colors in the sunlight. The SolarActive® screen print inks are stabilized so that the design will continue to change colors over and over again even after washing.

For more information on SolarActive® heat transfers, color change clothes, and screen print inks, visit the website at or call now for more details. 818 996 8690 Why have clothes that don’t change colors like magic! SolarActive® clothes are Two designs for the price of one!