Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SolarActive® 250 Count UV Solar Color Changing Pony Beads

SolarActive® 250 count UV solar color changing pony bead bags can make up to 25 bracelets that change colors in the sunlight with just one color changing pony bead pack.  If you add other beads in between you can make a lot more color changing bead bracelets.  Give them to your friends..make necklaces, bracelets, anklets.
solaractive uv solar color changing pony beads     Add SolarActive® color changing star beads, color changing butterfly beads or color changing heart beads to make your bracelet stand out.  All SolarActive® beads change colors instantly in the sun;  even on cloudy days!  When it's raining, no worries! Your SolarActive® color changing beads still change colors.  There is always UV (sunlight) peaking through somewhere so your SolarActive® color changing beads will burst into 7 colors just like magic!
Great for science experiments showing the color change effect and uv awareness and sun safety.  Instantly when exposed to the sunlight the beads change to 7 different colors.  When removed from the sunlight, the colors change back again.  Hair accessories, barrettes, and other items are great when using SolarActive® color changing beads.

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