Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

New Year’s celebrations!
We gather with family and friends to reminisce about the year. 2011 went so quickly for me. When I think about the years past, it seems that they were now so long ago. I hear something on the news about something that happened that seemed like it was just yesterday, but it was two years ago. 2012 is upon us, where did 2011 go?
Take time this coming year to stop and smell the roses. Look at life not as what we missed last year, but to be hopeful that the next year is full of love laughter and good health for all.
For 2012 dress with a purpose, and make your nails shine with Blaze color change nail polishes. Spring is coming, so people will be outdoors and Blaze will make you and your friends look twice. Sometimes we forget that we are wearing the color change nail polishes, and look at our toes with great surprise!
So for the coming year, don’t worry about resolutions we make and then we don’t keep. Let’s look ahead and not set ourselves up for disappointment. Make a commitment to great mani’s and pedi’s. Relish every day with Blaze® color change nail polish.
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Filled with sparkles, glitters and all new colors from the Blaze® color changing nail polish collections.
Have a Happy New Year, and a truly BLA-mazing 2012 !

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