Friday, December 30, 2011

Blaze Color Change Products

January 2012
Tarzana, CA…For immediate release
Add that instant splash of color with Solaractive® UV color changing tee shirts and other products.
SolarActive® is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of color change technology that allows products to change color in the sunlight. SolarActive® offers resort wear, and custom tee shirts for your camp, school, events, and retail stores.
Our SolarActive® color changing tee shirts come alive and instantly burst into colors when exposed to uv light/ sunlight. Many of the resort and tourist areas in the world use our SolarActive® color change products when manufacturing with UV color change technology. SolarActive® color change tee shirts and apparel items instantly change colors when outdoors in daylight. SolarActive® manufactures many items such as shirts, shorts, swimwear, footwear, jewelry, nail polishes and so much more.
Until recently color change inks weren’t able to be printed on black shirts with a soft hand and great color change effect. SolarActive® offers screen prints and transfers, for both light and dark shirts. With our unique formulas SolarActive® inks print beautifully on dark garments as well. Our SolarActive® color changing technology has been proven over and over again with companies such as Nike, Harley Davidson, Disney, Quick Silver and many more.
Environmentally friendly materials are the only materials used to produce SolarActive® color change inks. SolarActive® color change inks are non toxic and safety tested. Don’t be fooled by imitation inks that won’t change colors after washing. All our SolarActive® color changing tee shirts are machine washable, and continue to change over and over again. SolarActive guarantees their shirts won’t turn brown as soon as you wash or wear them.
When you’re looking for something unique look for SolarActive® color change tee shirts. It’s like getting two tee shirts for the price of one!
All our products are PROUDLY made in the USA. When you think of color change products think of SolarActive® to delight you over and over again.
Contact : 818 996 8690

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