Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Biting My Nails

  When I was younger, believe it or not I used to bite my nails. I was walking down the street with my boyfriend who was holding my hand. He looked at my nails and said, “eeww, you bite your nails!” Well, I have to tell you, that day was the last day I ever did that! After that incident, I became a nail-aholic! I had to have manicures, and I changed my colors weekly. I started to become obsessed with my nails looking perfectly manicured. I changed my polish colors so often, and I guess my curiosity allowed me to be creative with my business. So now, when I see any nail polish color I have already changed it in my mind.

Blaze color change nail polish
Charged Cherry to Plum Rapture
   Blaze®color changing nail polish is one color indoors and one color outdoors. Immediately when exposed to the sunlight, or uv rays, Blaze® color change nail polish changes over and over again. 3 Free of Formaldehyde, DBP, and Toluene. FDA approved ingredients. Stop that nail biting. Once you notice how feminine your hands look polished and manicure, you will never bite again! Try Blaze® color change nail lacquer, and you will focus on your hands being beautiful! Surprises me everytime!

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