Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentine's Day!

What really is Valentine’s Day?
Blaze Touch of Romance color changing nail polish collection
Touch of Romance Color Change Nail Polish Collection
Did you ever wonder why they made a “holiday” for lovers? Ancient myth says Valentine’s Day had nothing to do with lovers! The actual day is Saint Valentine’s Day shortened to Valentine’s Day. It’s annually celebrated on February 14. In 1969, Valentine’s Day was actually deleted from the General Roman Calendar by Pope Paul VI.
Valentine’s Day for me has some great memories and some not so great memories! I had my heart broken on Valentine’s Day once. I was truly devastated! I thought you were supposed to get flowers, candy, and silk lingerie, and instead I got dumped! That memory of the day remains with you forever.
What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? I know I will be with my “significant other” spending a romantic evening having dinner, and most likely reminiscing.
Pop Pink to Plum Twist Blaze color changing nail polish
Pop Pink to Plum Twist Color Change Nail Polish
For this Valentine’s Day, Blaze® color changing nail lacquers is having a lover’s sale. All reds, pinks and Blaze® Romantic Collections are specially priced for “lovers”… lovers of nail polish that is! Blaze® color changing nail polish changes from one color to another color in the sunlight. Just walk outdoors. Make a statement. Don’t just wear a pink polish. Wear a polish that starts pink, and changes to purple like our Pop Pink to Plum Twist. Have fun with Blaze® color changing nail polishes. Give a gift from the heart that has some pizazz. Tell us some of your Valentine’s Day stories!

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