Monday, May 21, 2012

Good to the last drop!

Good to the last drop?
It’s so funny to me how people worry about the size of the bottle. What about the product inside? Didn't anyone ever tell you "good things come in small packages?" Have you ever used an entire bottle of nail polish? I know it all the years I have been a lover of polish, no matter what the size large or small, I have never used an entire bottle of polish.
Blaze® color change nail polish is available in .45 ounce bottles, and .25 ounce bottles. The polish is good to the last drop, but it doesn't matter! Blaze® color changing nail polish is such a great item, you will want to use it all, but you won't use it all anyway. There's something to be said for the small bottle that packs the punch. Quality vs. size, I would take the best quality all the time. There are so many other uses for the extra polish that we don't use anyway. Try using your favorite last drop of Blaze® color changing polish to stop a run in your pantyhose! If your windshield cracks, did you know that if you use nail polish on the crack, it will stop it from cracking more? A favorite of mine is marking your house key, office, etc. with the rightful owner.
Let us know your favorite after you reach the bottom of the barrel what you would do with that left over polish.
Blaze® color changing nail polish lacquers are available in over 50 colors. Instantly, when exposed the sunlight the color will change from the original start color. When removed from the sunlight the color will go back again to its original color. This process happens over and over again. 3 Free of Formaldehyde, toluene, and DPB.
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