Wednesday, May 16, 2012

UV Color change thread

SolarActive® is the world’s leading supplier and manufacturer of products that change color from the sunlight or UV rays. SolarActive’s remarkable sewing product changes back again when removed from the UV light source. One design with color indoors, and then another design that bursts into action when the product is exposed to UV rays of the sun. Don’t be fooled thinking that even though it’s not sunny out that SolarActive® color changing products won’t work. With proprietary formulas, SolarActive® International is the leader worldwide for everything that changes colors under the sun. Winter, spring, summer or fall, all year long SolarActive® products continue to delight people of all ages. From hair accessories to nail polish, and tee shirts to shoe laces.
In this season of contrasts and changes, changing attitudes and new influences, comes our revolutionary improved thread product. SolarActive® UV embroidery thread quickly changes color in the sunlight. This extraordinary thread has been designed and tested for today's high-speed embroidery machines, as well as for the home sewing fanatics.
SolarActive ® sewing threads, lace, buttons, pony beads and novelties bring excitement to any sewing project. Use for hand sewing, commercial embroidery, pet clothes, costumes, fabric trims, doll clothes or any other sewing notions.
• SolarActive® color change technology enables embroidery designs to change from one color to another immediately after exposure to the sun or any UV light sources.
• The unique color changing effect has been tested and proven to last more than 2000 times indoors and outdoors (equivalent to the life of a garment).
• SolarActive® color changing UV threads will work on any embroidery machine up to 1200 rpm with any bobbin thread (poly, cotton, etc.).
• SolarActive® color changing UV threads are machine washable and can withstand up to 420°F (for patch embroidery or emblems).
• Cones yield 3000 meters or 3300 yards, and 1000 meters or 1100 yards
• 200 yard starter pack (all seven colors) for the home sewing machines
• SolarActive® color changing UV threads are 120 denier/40 wt.
SolarActive® International is an American manufacturer. All products proudly made in the U.S.A.
Our thread is listed in educational guidelines and on Material connection sites worldwide. Manufacturers can use our threads for a variety of applications.
For more information contact SolarActive® International 818 996 8690

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