Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Color Change Products

What is Color Change? How do products change color in the sun?

Color change is many things. It can be where you are changing the color of something you’re wearing, or changing the color of your hair, or wearing a color change tee shirt screen printed with SolarActive® color change inks.

Color change products are a staple of Solar Active®. The process to make something color change has been refined by SolarActive® to be the best and strongest colors that appear when exposed to the UV rays of the sun.

Photochromics are the science of causing items to change color when exposed to the ultra violet light. SolarActive® has created a proprietary system that stabilized the photochromic dyes, allowing for manufacturing in many different types of products and for various applications.. The SolarActive® color change systems are the basis as to why the color change product has the ability to change color in the first place, as well as the process happening repeatedly over periods of time. Without stabilization the color change will lock in, meaning it will change only one time. It will not fade back or change color again. When using the SolarActive® color change systems the products manufactured have the ability to last longer when exposed to the sunlight. The color change technology developed by SolarActive® has opened creative doors that have stimulated the idea of color change products.

SolarActive® not only manufactures the processes to make products change colors in the sun, they also teach manufacturers how to use such products, creating new ideas for companies looking for an edge.

“Why buy a tee shirt that doesn’t do anything, when the tee shirt will change color when exposed to the UV rays of the sun, and not cost more to purchase it?”, says Debra Mattes, President and developer of color change technology at Solar®Active International. “We’ve been making products change color in the sun for over 25 years now, meeting all the new safety and environmental requirements. Solar Active colors are stronger and more vibrant that ever when they change color. The color change range is far beyond even our own expectations.”

SolarActive® has a broad range of products that change color in the sun from tee shirts, SolarActive® heat press transfers, fabrics, plastics of all kinds such as PP, PE, PVC, Styrene, and K Resin. SolarActive® licenses raw materials for manufacturing and produces goods made in the USA. On many occasions, SolarActive® will advise companies that want to incorporate the SolarActive®color change systems in their own line of goods. “We’ve made our color change processes user friendly , and easy for manufacturers to incorporate in their own products. I’ve taught manufacturers all over the world how to use our technology, still keeping our products Proprietary/ trade secret.”

SolarActive’s® ink applications and resin formulas have been incorporated into finished goods such as apparel, footwear, nail lacquer, toys, paper goods, and plastics. Color changing thread products such a embroidery, knitting, crocheting and hand crafting are sold worldwide.

For more information on manufacturing products with the SolarActive® color change systems, contact

SolarActive® International. http://www.solaractiveintl.com

818 996 8690

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