Monday, November 14, 2011

Celebrate Falling Leaves with Our UV Color Change Nail Polish Collection

Debra Mattes
President CEO

     With the changing of the time, it reminds us all of the changing of the seasons.  In so many areas of the world, Autumn is the forgotten season for so many people. The retailers go from Summer Close Outs right into Christmas. The weather may throw us a freak Snowstorm that all but obliterates Fall in certain areas.
     Fall is a precious time when nature shows her glory by going to sleep in a blaze of glory. The trees turn gorgeous colors of red, orange, yellow and lime before floating to the earth and blowing away.  Watching the progression of color change during this season brings us an amazing display of beauty that goes away all too soon, but you can continue to celebrate this tremendous celebration of color with Blaze Color Change Nail Polish; a unique color changing nail lacquer that changes with the UV light from one color to another.  We have several unique colors that are in our fabulous collection that embraces all of the colors of fall. 

     Fittingly named Falling Leaves, this collection brings to you rich and luxurious colors of fall with our ever popular Punch Drunk to Berry Margarita UV Color Change Nail Polish and our amazing Lemon Zest to Mango Chile UV Color Change Nail Polish.  We added in our finishing touch, the Mango Scented Cuticle Oil for perfect looking nails and hands all the time. These amazing polish colors are a perfect match to the beautiful color changing season that is surrounding us now.  You don’t ever have to miss the graphic displays Mother Nature gives us when you have our Falling Leaves Collection. 
     This is the perfect collection of nail color to match your fall wardrobe. Come and celebrate the beauty in nature and in life itself with gorgeous nail lacquer from Blaze UV Color Change polish and SolarActive.  Let your imagination go wild and bring some color into your life with Blaze.

Blaze UV Color Change Nail Polish
SolarActive International Color Change Products

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