Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Color Changing Hair Accessories by SolarActive® International.

     SolarActive® color changing hair accessories are so unique and get so much attention each time I wear them. 
     We have some new hair scrunchies that are hand crocheted with different colors of satin ribbon, Solaractive® color changing beads, happy faces, sunglasses, fish, lady bugs and my new favorite has different colored flip flops.   All the pony beads in between the solid colored shapes change colors in the sunlight, (or UV from the daylight).   They start out white and pop to full colors like red, yellow, purple, blue, hot pink, green and orange. 

      It’s the UV that changes the color not the heat, and even if it’s snowing or raining the SolarActive® hair accessories will still change colors.  Honestly, these new color changing hair accessories are the cutest things ever.  SolarActive® International is the manufacturer and supplier of so many color changing products as well as the new Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polish. 

     SolarActive® International has spent years developing and perfecting color changing the technology to what it is today.  Hair accessories are only one of the many color change items that SolarActive® manufactures.  They also have friendship bracelets with the same types of color change beads, craft packages, lace, buttons, thread and more all with the unique SolarActive® color change technology.  The thread itself changes color in the sunlight!  SolarActive® products are truly amazing.  

                             Indoors                                                                    Outdoors

     The color change is so fast, and they fade back just as quickly, and the process repeats over and over again.  SolarActive® has developed products for Nike, Mattel and MGA, Disney and more, and works numerous shoe, toy and apparel manufactures around the world.  Visit the SolarActive® website for more details at  Everyone needs a little magic in their life!

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