Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SolarActive® UV Color Change Tshirts

     SolarActive®International has earned its place in manufacturing tee shirts that change colors in the sunlight.  Do you want your event or promotion to be remembered well after the event is over? SolarActive® International manufacturer of color changing technology has the answer for you.   

     SolarActive® color changing tee shirts are great for children and adults.  For the element of surprise when tees are printed with SolarActive® color change  plastisol screen print inks you have two tee shirts for the price of one!  Let’s face it the tee shirt business is very competitive.  An obvious fact is that tee shirts are a staple in every wardrobe.  SolarActive® color changing tees are unique in that they offer one design indoors and another when exposed to the uv or sunlight.  The process of color change due to our unique Proprietary stabilized ink process allows repeated performances of the color changing effect.  SolarActive® color change screen print inks are completely safe and non- toxic, as well as environmentally friendly.

      SolarActive®International is known around the world for high quality work and excellent customer service.  With our in house art department, we can show you what your tee shirt would look like when indoors and after exposed to the UV light.  SolarActive® can print almost any design and make it color change, and use additional elements to make your tee shirt design stand above the rest.  Custom printing with color change inks is our specialty for schools, camps, rock bands, charity’s promotional events, and more.

Indoors                                                                                                 Outdoors

     SolarActive® International  manufactures numerous other color changing products such as Beads, Buttons, threads, shoe Laces, toys and more using SolarActive® Proprietary technology.  Our Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polishes, and plaid shoe laces are a couple of the newest products using SolarActive® color change technology.  So if you want the buzz around how cool your promotion was, give the tee shirt that keeps on changing for you long after the event.  SolarActive® products keeps them talking! All of our products are made in the USA so you know your getting a quality t-shirt.

     For more information contact SolarActive® International at 818 996 8690 or http://www.solaractiveintl.com

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