Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ink That Does What?

SolarActive® International located in Tarzana, California is the leading manufacturer of UV color change technology worldwide. Our SolarActive® color change plastisol screen print inks are made with stabilized UV reactive pigments. The ink is colorless indoors, and instantly turns to bright vibrant colors in the sunlight. This process is different than fluorescence inks in which a dye or pigment absorbs one wavelength of light (usually invisible with ultraviolet) and then it emits the same energy as another wavelength. The UV reactive pigments change their structure to another color when the UV wavelength is introduced

SolarActive UV color changing plastisol ink
Color Changing Plastisol Ink Indoors
SolarActive Plastisol screen printing ink that changes color in the sun
Color Changing Plastisol Ink Outdoors

     SolarActive® color changing plastisol silk screen print inks then return to their original color shortly after being returned to low-ultraviolet conditions, or when removed from sunlight completely. This process happens over and over again.

     SolarActive® technology in color changing silk screen print inks is unsurpassed in this industry. Not only is our ink environmentally safe, it is stabilized for continuous washes and shelf life. The best way to print with our inks since there are some colors so concentrated that they have a slight indoor residual
color is to print an outline, and use SolarActive® color changing plastisol silk screen print inks as the fill color. SolarActive® color changing silk screen print inks will pass all environmental safety tests and approvals necessary for children’s garments.

     SolarActive® color change plastisol silk screen print inks are available in over 26 colors. Our inks are formulated for consistency with each color and are very concentrated. With SolarActive® color change silk screen print inks you do not need to use two passes, or lay down heavy ink to get great color. SolarActive® also has UV color changing printing inks for heat applied transfers, and four color process ink formulations as well.

     SolarActive® sample packs are available in 4 colors for testing in 4 ounce containers. Our inks can be mixed within each other to create even more colors. SolarActive® has been making color change technology and improving the UV color change inks over the years to be used in projects with well known manufacturers of color change garments worldwide.
For more information visit our website at, or contact us at 818 996 8690.

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