Friday, August 31, 2012

Ruby Wing™ Fans Take Flight

ruby wing color changing nail polish  Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polishes are what’s new and innovative according to Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polishes start one beautiful color and immediately when exposed to the uv sunlight change to a completely opposite color, or a deeper richer color. When you go back indoors and
remove yourself from the solar UV light source the colors change back to their original color.
   The unique part of Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polishes is that they don’t have to be worn alone. Let’s say you love a special color you just love to wear. If you use your favorite polish as your nail polish base and then use the Ruby Wing™ colors for your art, you have created magic nails! Vice versa too, using Ruby Wing as your base and solid color polishes for your nail art. Either way you have something different each and every time you go from indoors to outdoors.
     My new favorite colors are for winter spring, summer and fall are Fate, a beautiful lavender/purple color. Put that on your toes first (after starting with your base coat of course) and then here is the magic pop! Add a diagonal of festival glitter on each toe. I’m telling you when people see my toes, they go crazy. The other day I was in the nail salon and was having my pedicure with Ruby Wing™ Fate and Festival. Not only did everyone in the shop say “wow” once they realized what the colors were all about, almost the entire nail shop walked outside to see my toes! Now that’s a pedi that gets noticed!
     Ruby Wing™ color change nail polishes are the combination of SolarActive® color change technology and Forsythe Color club nail lacquers. Combining the two companies became the force of magic creating Ruby Wing™. SolarActive® is the world’s leading manufacturer of color change technology and products such as solar shirts, shoe laces, solar threads, and many more items. SolarActive® color changing tee shirts are the best in the world with recognition from the largest apparel manufactures.
Ruby Wing color change nail polish display and wear
     For more information on SolarActive® color change products and solar shirts from the sun, as well as Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polishes please contact SolarActive® at 818 996 8690, and visit our website at .

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