Thursday, August 23, 2012

SolarActive® Cool or Warm Undertones

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Tarzana, CA 91356. How do you know what nail polish will look good on you? With all the colors and the options of types such as solid colors, matte colors, novelty etc., it’s not always a matter of personal preference with what will look good on your own nails. Colors complement your skin color, so the best color you should wear depends on the color of your skin. How do you know what looks good on what color skin? There is a way to tell!
Look at your arm in natural light. If you have pink, blue or red undertones you have what is considered cool colored skin. Warm colored skin is golden, beige, or olive undertones. Rule of thumb is that if your veins look blue on the underside of your hand, you are cool, and if they look green, you’re warm skintoned. It’s that easy!

Cool colors look great on cooler complexions whereas warm colors look better on warmer skin colors. Golden or peachy colors are great on warm skin tones, and pink and blue colors are better on the cooler skin tones. Red and nude colors are found in the cooler (blue based) and warmer tend to be the yellow and orange based colors.

Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polishes are great for all skin types. Ruby Wing™ color changing polish is one color indoors, and immediately when exposed to outdoors turns to another color. The interesting part of Ruby Wing™ color change polishes is that the complimentary colors look good on all skin tones. You can wear your favorite indoor color such as Zen Garden or Cypress, on top of your favorite nail polish color too. So whether you’re warm or cool, using Ruby Wing™ color change allows you to have the best of all worlds. Wear Ruby Wing™ on top of your favorite colors, and enjoy the change. Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polishes are 4 free to toluene, DBP, formaldehyde and camphor. Vegan to boot! (no animal testing) Just step outside to see the magic.
Solaractive is the leader of color change products worldwide. Solaractive manufactures products such as tees, beads, thread, screen printing and heat transfer inks, and more!

For more details on Ruby Wing™ contact SolarActive® International 818 996 8690

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