Monday, January 9, 2012

Celebrate your Blues Away!

     Do you feel a little blue after the holidays? It's absolutely normal to feel a little down after the rush of the season. Everyone is so busy starting from Halloween through New Year’s Day! It seems as if there is one occasion after another through to the end of December. We are all busy, busy, busy, and often after that we have to go back to the regular routines of our lives. Sometimes that can really cause the blues. No more vacations, no more parties. Back to work, and daily routines.
Blue by You to Pining Purple
     Celebrate your blues away with Blaze® color changing nail polish. Wear one color indoors, and when you walk outdoors your “blues” will magically disappear. Blaze® color changing nail polish manufactured by SolarActive® International is 3 free from Formaldehyde, DBP, and Toluene. All ingredients are safe and FDA approved. One fabulous color indoors, and immediately when exposed to UV light outdoors the color change will appear. Two colors in one bottle!

Seductive Teal to Twilight Sparkle
     SolarActive® International is having a “Celebrate your Blues” away with Blaze® color changing nail polish. All Blue “Blaze” color changing nail polish colors are 10% off. Try our ‘Pulsating Blue’ that changes to Festive Green”, the best of what we love to see when we are outdoors. If you’re really down, try our ‘Blue By You’ to ‘Pining Purple,’ changing from blue to purple. A couple of my favorites are ‘Tahitian Skies to Purple Rain’ reminding me of that great vacation, or Seductive Teal to Twilight Sparkle for how great I feel just from the name!

     Whatever your favorite blue is, be sure to celebrate it and magically “Blaze” the Blues away with Blaze® color changing nail polishes.
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