Thursday, January 5, 2012

Color Change Tshirts

For immediate release: Tarzana, CA 91356
Tee shirts that change colors just from the sunlight? Yes that's right! SolarActive® International manufacturer of UV color change technology offers tee shirts that are one color indoors, and outdoors the design changes to other colors, and even hidden messages appear. Let’s face it, a staple among everyone children and adults is the basic tee shirt. Messages, pictures, jokes, teams, camps, everywhere you will see people wearing tee shirts. Make it more fun with SolarActive® color change tee shirts. Fool your friends, exploit your school, have images that appear with sunlight using inks by SolarActive® International.

SolarActive® developer and manufacturer of color change technology worldwide offers 25 basic colors of Proprietary color change inks. One color indoors, and another when exposed to UV/sunlight. Immediately when removed from the UV light the color changes back again to either disappear, or to the original colored design before exposed to the UV. All SolarActive® color change inks are environmentally safe, machine washable, and fun for all ages. Meets ALL safety standards.
When looking for something unique, SolarActive® International has it all. Blaze color change nail polish, SolarActive® beads, buttons, shoelaces, plastics and tee shirts, tanks and sweatshirts. Custom designs are our specialty with SolarActive® color change inks. No job is too small, no event should go unnoticed.
For more information contact Solaractive® International 818 996-8690, and visit our website at

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