Monday, January 16, 2012

Secret Confessions from a Blaze A Holic!

  A lot of people ask me “what are you thinking about when you create a new color?” How did you get started in this business? What made you create thread that changes colors, or color changing nail polish? So, I thought I would take this time to tell you how SolarActive® International reinvents itself with new ideas. Truth is…. I always dream in color! When I go shopping and see something I like, I think what that would be like if it changed to another color.


  Nothing is normal to me anymore. If I see a tee shirt with a saying or art that I like, I can’t help but redesign it in my head. When I purchase something, I tag it in my secret treasure chest of ideas. Blaze® color changing nail polish is a constant creation for me. I just love nail polish! My motto is why just wear a regular color, when you can wear two at the same time!

  My new obsession is nail art. With Blaze® color change nail polish there is so much you can do. Paint your nail with your favorite color polish (not too dark though or the sun won’t pass thru it) and then put a Blaze® color change glitter on top! I love, love, love that look. Use a base color from the new Blaze® Brights line. Then paint polka dots on top, in black or white. Use a top coat that isn’t a UV blocker. When you go outside your Blaze color change manicure will just rock! I have to stop thinking of these combinations! It’s never ending! Visit our website at

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